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Laranja do Algarve

The purpose of this project

Hello my name is José Mendonça, I am a farmer in the algarve, together with my family I decided to undertake since the year of 2010 a new method for the distribution of oranges and other fruits that we grow.

Until then, when I sold all my oranges to a wholesaler central fruit and vegetables, with this being placed on the market.

This is the method that follow all the farmers, but during this whole process (which can last up to 15 days) oranges lose quality, passing by warehouses, cooling chambers, being subjected to treatments for the preservation and staining (fungicídas and waxes, which are so harmful to our health).


My aim is to offer oranges natural 100% without chemical treatments for its maturation, coloration or conservation, produced in the mode of sustainable agriculture, without the use of chemical products of synthesis.

My oranges ripen on the tree and are only collected on the same day of the expedition.

So you can have oranges freshly picked from the tree and delivered to your address in 24 hours.


On the Farm of his grandfather Joaquim we have oranges New Hall ( December, January and February) and oranges D. John (April, May, June, and July); as well as Clementines Fine (October to January), Tangerines Setubalense (December and January) and Tangerines Encore (March to July) in addition to other fruits such as Grapefruit (April to July), Figs (June to August) and Plums (May-July). We also produce Lemons, Nêsperas, Pomegranates, Passion fruit and Guavas. We also produce locust bean gum.

All this fruit is served exclusively inside the your time natural cultivation. This way comes your home completely natural, directly from the tree.

On the Farm of his grandfather Joaquim offer fruit to the residence, the authentic fruit of the Algarve, because our property is situated in the parish of Luz de Tavira. The whole process of culture is artisanal and sustainable way. Fruit without chemical treatments . Definitely, the natural fruit of the tree to your table in 24 hours.

Regularly, I will send the circular informative, all clients, with detailed information,