Secure payment

Our secure payment


Payments by paypal can be made through the Network of Atm or through your online banking page.

When finalizing your order, will be generated by an Atm reference. The client will receive this reference in the e-mail confirmation of your order, although this is also available in the "order Details" on the customer on the website Laranja do Algarve.

To make a payment in an Atm, the customer must select the option "Payment of Services/Purchases" and insert the entity, reference and value corresponding.

The order will only be sent after the Laranja do Algarve receive the confirmation that the payment has been finalized. Transactions Atm need approximately 1 business day to be finalized.

Important note: always keep updated your phone contacts and e-mail!

This kind of payment has an additional fee of 2.50€ to the shipping amount from the shipping type that you select. The orders are sent to the Home, and the client must make the payment at the time of delivery. It is important that you provide us with your phone contact when you are populating the data in order to be able to get in contact with you.

Payment by Paypal is a secure method used all over the world. Follow the following instructions:

1 – Make your order and choose the PayPal payment method;

2 – you Will be redirected to a security page of Paypal, where you will have to identify in your PayPal account, and complete your order;

The address used for the delivery of your order will be the one that you set on the site Laranja do Algarve. Please, go to the site for more information about the PayPal payments.

The site Laranja do Algarve (Orange of the Algarve)  does not save any login data of the account Paypal of the customer.